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Driving meaningful connections between businesses and customers

Are you struggling with retaining clients?

Running a business comes with its own sets of challenges, especially as it comes to customer relationships...

  • Poor Customer Experience

  • Scheduling Conflicts

  • Difficulty distinguishing yourself from competition

This is where Zoli steps in.

Automation that excites...

At Zoli

Our platform automates marketing processes and enables businesses to deliver personalized, timely messages that drive engagement, growth, and most importantly, customer loyalty.Let us help you transform the way you engage with your customers!

Boost your online presence with

Reputation Management

Take charge of your online reputation and attract more customers with our Reputation Management tool. Effortlessly collect and showcase positive Google reviews, building trust and credibility that drives meaningful interactions with your audience.

Efficiently manage Appointments with

Calendar & Scheduling

Simplify appointment management with our Calendar and Scheduling feature. Effortlessly schedule appointments, reduce no-shows, and keep your team organized. Spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

That's all great, but how can I automate communications to my clients so I can focus on my work?

Streamline operations with

Automated Workflows

Unlock the true potential of your business with our Automated Workflows!Streamline repetitive tasks, trigger personalized messages, and nurture leads seamlessly. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace automation to drive your business forward.

Never miss an inquiry with our

Centralized Inbox

Our powerful Centralized Inbox brings a two way interaction in one convenient view to prevent losing track of important conversations.With our feature, you can effortlessly track every point of conversation, whether it's through email, social media, SMS text, or even phone calls.

Effortlessly plan and automate with

Social Media Planner

Amplify your brand presence across various social media platforms with our Social Media Planner. Schedule and automate posts, track performance, and engage with your audience efficiently.

So how can we help?

Don't let customer relationship challenges hinder your growth!Embrace Zoli Automated and step up your customer communications by transforming your business interactions, streamlining your scheduling processes, and enhancing your online presence.

Discover Solutions that'll excite you!

All packages are subjected to a 14 day free trial!

Growth Package

Essential features to streamline business and kickstart growth.

  • Web Chat

  • Reputation Management

  • Calendar

  • GMB Messaging

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Text to Pay

  • Social Planner

  • Campaigns

  • Opportunities

Pro Package -

Advanced tooling and customization options to optimize your customer relationships.

  • Everything in Growth +

  • Email Marketing

  • Invoice

  • Messaging Triggers

  • SMS & Email Templates

  • CRM

  • Memberships

  • Forms

Autonomous Package $500/mo

Unleash full potential of CRM strategy with this one stop shop. Ideal for businesses to set on autopilot and never look back.

  • Everything in Pro +

  • Automated Workflows

  • Trigger Links

  • Website/Funnels

  • Surveys

  • All Reporting

  • Blogs

  • Affiliate Manager

About Zoli...

Welcome to Zoli Automated, where we're passionate about helping small businesses succeed through the power of marketing automation. Our team has a strong background in marketing software, and we realized that many small businesses were missing out on the benefits of automation due to the complexity and high costs of traditional marketing software solutions.That's why we founded Zoli Automated - to bring the power of marketing automation for small businesses and making it affordable for all.Our mission is to empower small businesses with the tools they need to succeed and grow, without the need for expensive and complicated software. We believe that marketing automation is a game-changer for small businesses, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.Our easy-to-use platform is designed with small businesses in mind, making it simple and intuitive to create effective marketing campaigns and capture valuable leads.We're passionate about what we do, and we're committed to making a difference for small businesses everywhere. Schedule your free consultation call today!

Okay but what REALLY is an Automated Workflow?

Let's run through an example! Say you want to remind your customers of their upcoming appointment.

As soon as your customer schedules an appointment, they are initiated in the workflow and receive a confirmation email!

Your calendar reflects accordingly and now the fun starts :)

24 hours prior to their appointment, they receive an reminder email to confirm their availability.

But hey what if they never responded to my email?
Well here's where it gets interesting...

Zoli quickly identifies a non response and sends an SMS text to your customer to confirm their appointment, thus making sure they are receiving proper communication from your business.

Your customer instantly replies, confirming their appointment and your calendar reflects accordingly. Way to go!

Your customer had a pleasant experience with your business and is now out in the wild.Bummer! We forgot to ask them to leave a review! :(

Luckily, Zoli Automated has your back...

With the Zoli platform, you send a follow up SMS text asking your customer to leave a Google review on their experience a few hours after their appointment.

Your customer (satisfied with your service) immediately leaves a positive review based on the follow up text. Amazing!

With Zoli, the automation possibilities are endless!We aim to solve similar use cases like these for your business!Check out our Solutions Page for more or schedule a call today!